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Meet Scrabbleguru

Who we are

We are a group of professional Scrabble players who specialize in developing strategies for playing high-scoring moves. Humans have their limits, though, and as we do software engineering for a living, we worked on a tool to help us improve our Scrabble strategies and skills.

Our mission

We launched Scrabbleguru with only one thing in mind: to create the most revolutionary Scrabble word finder and Words with Friends word finder on the web.

You have probably seen other tools already, either to work on your strategy or to get a quick tip during a game. They usually allow you to unscramble your rack or, among the more sophisticated ones, to extend an existing word on the board.

However, avid Scrabble players know that in reality, all of these word finders give very poor tips overall. The reason for this is obvious: lack of context. Scrabble is much more than just doing an unscramble on your rack.

Firstly, as you know, Scrabble and Words with Friends have so-called premium tiles that allow doubling or tripling the score of a letter or doubling or tripling the score of the whole word. The run-of-the-mill Scrabble word finder does not know anything about the current positioning of the words on the board, thus it cannot possibly suggest you the best word to play.

Secondly, you can play multiple words in one move and even place multiple letters in the same row or column. This opens up a whole new world of sick moves you can play in a single turn. For example, you can place a single letter connecting two words - forming two new words in the process. If you placed this letter on a double or triple word premium tile, you would get double or triple the score for both!

Thirdly, a Scrabble board or Words with Friends board has limited space. As typical Scrabble word finders have no information about other words on the board or their positioning, many of their suggestions are actually useless for your specific game.

Lastly, most tools do not properly support blank tiles (sometimes called joker tiles) which can represent any letter on the board. Those are crucial to getting something called a Bingo - a move that plays all seven tiles and is rewarded with 50 points in Scrabble and 35 points in Words with Friends.

Our Scrabble word finder board

You may be thinking that doing everything we described above is impossible. After all, there are millions of possible combinations to place letters and Scrabble is not exactly the most simple game in terms of scoring and rules.

However, our engineers managed to pull off a feat considered by many to be some crazy pipe dream: create a tool that generates hundreds of competitive turns, factors in premium tiles, supports blank tiles, finds multiple words in a singular turn and yet is lightning fast.

This is only possible because we have well-grounded knowledge about Scrabble and Words with Friends, have written many variations of Scrabble word finder tools before and being at the top of our game in software engineering, algorithms and benchmarking.

We expected the tool to be awesome, but even we were surprised when we first saw it in action. It generates extremely sophisticated turns that beat any human Scrabble player on Earth - period. It even does so in a remarkably short amount of time. On top of that, our tool also survived a penetration test of a billion random combinations of racks and words on the board. The result: not one invalid turn!

Once you used this AI-powered Scrabble word finder, we assure you, you realize how inefficient you have been getting suggestions and tips before we invented Scrabbleguru. And we are always trying to improve it even further. If you want to be a part of Scrabbleguru's future, please join our Discord server or follow our Twitter and post your feedback and ideas there. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

How to use our Scrabble word finder

Placing words on the board

First off: we recommend using this tool with a laptop or PC. We tried our best to make it as usable as possible on mobile phones, but there are major limitations due to the static size of the board (15x15).

On a device with a keyboard

With the power of the keyboard at your fingertips, this Scrabble word finder is a breeze to use. Just navigate to a tile with your arrow keys or mouse and simply start typing the words. You can delete letters by pressing backspace, the delete key or the right mouse button. You can change the orientation of the cursor (i.e. the word's direction) by pressing the enter key.

If pressing any keys does not work for you, you have not focused the board. Click into the board to focus it and start typing.

On a mobile device

This process is a bit trickier on a phone but still fairly smooth. Tap the tile you want to place a word on and then tap the 'W+' symbol at the top of the page. Type the word you want to place and choose the direction of the word. You can delete letters again by doing a long tap on the tile whose letter to remove. We did not find a better way to do this on a mobile device, as a separate dialog would have been annoying and unintuitive to use.

Filling the rack

Simply type all letters on your rack into the text field above the board. You can enter blank tiles by entering a space or a question mark.

Now you're good to go to receive moves from our incredible Scrabble word finder tool! Tap the 'Suggest turn' button and you should see the first move appear on your screen.

Choosing a move

With the default settings, you should get up to 250 unique moves, sorted by the amount of points they yield. On a keyboard, you can press the right and left arrow key to scroll through the moves. On the phone and PC alike you can also do so by pressing the left and right arrow button at the top of the page.

Tile color legend

Tiles with a green background are the actual tiles you play from your rack. Tiles with a white background are letters our Scrabble word finder reused from existing words on the board. Remember, every Scrabble move must reuse at least one letter. Tiles with red letters are blank tiles. Blank tiles are worth 0 points but can represent any letter. Make sure to put the displayed representation of the blank tile in your Scrabble or Words with Friends game app.

Accepting a move

Once you scrolled through the moves and found one you would like to play, play them in your app and then press the checkmark icon on top of the page. Doing this will automatically place the new letters on the board and remove them from your rack.

Rejecting a move

If you for whatever reason are unsatisfied with all the moves, press the cross icon on top of the page. This will bring you back to the initial layout where you can change your rack and board.

Dealing with no moves being found

Despite our Scrabble word finder being incredibly sophisticated, sometimes it is just not possible to play a move. Now you have two options:

  • Simply try again. Our algorithm is slightly randomized due to the fact there can be thousands of possible moves at a time. Just trying again a couple of times can fix this issue.
  • Partially or fully replace your rack and pass the turn. Players often do this if they either cannot play a move or if the only moves they could play are garbage.

How to optimize your query

One of the greatest features about our Scrabble word finder is its customizability. Click the gear icon at the top to access the settings menu. We are going to explain each option in detail below.

Maximum moves per suggestion

A quick way to gain more high quality moves is by simply requesting more of them. Beware that choosing a higher number might potentially cause a tiny bit longer waiting times. Nothing serious, though, so feel free to suggest more if you feel the need.

Minimum score

A much more sophisticated way of getting the moves you want is forcing our Scrabble word finder to only emit moves that meet a score threshold. If you have a blank on your rack and feel lucky, you can choose a very high number to try and get a Bingo!

Minimum amount of words

This feature should only be used if you already have a high number of words on the board. By using it, you will realize how crazy our Scrabble word finder really is. It has the ability to find moves that yield many adjacent words.

Beware though, as this feature does not always yield the highest amount of points due to heavy reuse of already existing letters. The reason why this feature is so powerful is because it allows you to perform relatively high scoring turns with the benefit of using less letters from the rack. This allows you to strategize a lot, for example retain certain letters until you get a blank letter and then go for an incredible Bingo that may award you 80+ points. In fact, we have seen moves worth well over a whooping 100 points while testing our Scrabble word finder!

Our recommendation

Near the beginning of your Scrabble game or if you do not have a blank letter on your rack, we recommend either increasing the amount of moves to emit or just keeping the default settings for now. However, if you play the very first turn of the game, feel free to set a high minimum score and shoot for a Bingo right off the bat.

In the middle of the game, if you do not have a blank tile or otherwise not a good chance for a high scoring turn, try to turn up the minimum amount of words, but be conservative with it. This allows you to still get relatively good points but retain important letters for future high scoring moves.

Near the end of the Scrabble game you usually have access to the tasty triple word premium tiles. At this point, you want to go for the highest score possible, perhaps even a Bingo. Turn up the minimum points to well over 50 and only reduce it if the Scrabble word finder cannot find any suggestions.

How to support us

We are not asking for money. We are passionate Scrabble players who developed this Scrabble word finder in our spare time. We put our heart and soul into this and want people to use it, test its limits and give us feedback so we can improve upon it. Here are a couple of options how you can help us tremendously:

Share this website with your friends. Spread the message and strive to improve at this amazing game together, with the power of this AI-powered word finder. There are countless of strategies yet to be discovered, and we are happy to provide a tool for you to explore and dive into the depths of Scrabble.

Share this website on social media. By posting a link to this tool on Twitter, Reddit and other sites you can help us gain more visitors. More users means more feedback, which in turn leads to more improvements. We believe that this level of sophistication is not the end. You can play an active part in helping Scrabbleguru grow this way!

Post your feedback, ideas and potential bug reports to our Discord server or DM/tweet to our Twitter account. We are really hyped about this tool and will try to answer all of your messages. Your voice is going to be heard, we promise.